Hot Tub Maintenance

Your hot tub should be an oasis for relaxation – not a constant maintenance headache. If you are dealing with a broken hot tub, or spend more time cleaning your hot tub than enjoying it, call Unique Pools and Spas’ hot tub maintenance experts for help.

Hot tub maintenance check list:

  • Clean your filter every month.
  • Replace your filter every year.
  • Drain and refill the hot tub once every three to four months for optimal water upkeep.
  • Check and clean the skimmer basket weekly to ensure proper filter flow. Remove leaves, foreign matter, and debris.
  • Test water chemistry weekly and add chemicals as needed.
  • Treat hot tub cover monthly with leather cleaner.
  • Sanitize the spa.
Pool Maintenance by Unique Pools & Spas
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Let Unique Pools and Spas Take Care of Your Hot Tub Maintenance

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